Daniel's Den Toddler groups

About Daniel’s Den

Daniel’s Den is a network of local parent and toddler groups and other activities, in your community and online.

Why the name Daniel’s Den?

The answer lies in the Bible story about Daniel and the lions’ den. Daniel was a man of prayer and because he prayed to his God, people became jealous and the king was tricked into putting him in a den of lions. This was a scary place! What did Daniel do? He prayed, and God saved him. This is often the case with parenting.

We pray that God will bless us with a child and then when they arrive our life as parents can be scary – even life threatening at times. Prayer got you in there, and we believe only prayer will help you survive.

More about us

Read our mission statement or the 21 soundbites that encapsulate what we’re about. You might also be interested in the story of how we were founded.


We have a staff team and trustees.


We support charities in 5 continents and have corporate partnerships in the UK too.

Reports and policies

You can read our annual reports, and also download our policies for safeguarding, whistleblowing and more.