Daniel's Den Toddler groups

Mission statement

In this section

Our purpose 

To encourage and enrich family life in order to build stronger communities.

Our vision

We have a vision to see:

  • Parents and children having the opportunity to ‘know and be known’ in their local community
  • People building ‘relationships that matter’ within and beyond their cultural/ethnic group

Our objectives

To have family life valued in all levels of society both locally and nationally.

  1. by establishing and running parent and toddler groups, recognised as first rate by users.
  2. by offering parenting support
  3. by enabling people to recognise the value of parent and toddler groups
  4. by fostering mutual cooperation and support for toddler groups
  5. by supporting the choice of stay at home parents and raising awareness of the value they bring to society

Our values

Our principles are clearly and unashamedly Christian but absolutely everyone is welcome to our groups.

We are faith based, but not faith biased.

Undergirding all we do is our motto – TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More.

Authentic welcome to all

We model and encourage love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control.

Building blocks

What makes a Daniel’s Den a Daniel’s Den?

  • Parents/carers and children together
  • Open to all
  • Down your street
  • Volunteer led
  • By local people for local people
  • A real welcome with a personal touch where those attending go away feeling special
  • First hand opportunity to give and receive – time, talents etc