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Parenting postcards

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We have designed and produced a set of 12 parenting postcards. These offer a bite-sized insight into different aspects of parenting, discussion starters and action points.

They are there to support all parents in the most important task of raising children and given out at regular periods during the year, at our Daniel’s Den sessions.

Our parenting postcards are available as part of our welcome pack which is given to all families who register with Daniel’s Den for the first time.

The 12 cards

  1. You are the best parent for your child
  2. Dealing with disappointments
  3. What do children really need?
  4. The need for love
  5. The power of words
  6. 4 magic words to teach your children
  7. Routines
  8. Talking and Listening
  9. Handling challenging behaviour
  10. Eating
  11. Memories
  12. Investing time

See them below as a gallery or download them above.

Why postcards?

  • You can stick them on the fridge
  • Not too much writing
  • Easy to digest
  • Discussion starter to talk about what we do at Daniel’s Den

What people say about them

‘Love them’

‘Great to have a reminder of things I know but have forgotten’

‘Good to think about how often I really read with my child’