Daniel's Den Toddler groups

Have more questions about our sessions? Here are some answers.

Why is Daniel’s Den called Daniel’s Den?

The answer lies in the Bible story about Daniel and the lions’ den. Basically Daniel was a man of prayer and because he prayed to his God, people became jealous and the king was tricked into putting him in a den of lions. This was a scary place! What did Daniel do? He prayed! And God saved him. This is often the case with parenting.

We pray that God will bless us with a child and then when they arrive our life as parents can be scary – even life threatening at times!! Prayer got you in there and we believe only prayer will help you survive.

Prayer is an underlying principle in Daniel’s Den and we have a team of people throughout the world who pray regularly for our work and the families. They do not know the personal details but they do pray that our families will be kept safe and that our children will grow and develop to fulfil their full potential.

If you have a prayer request please do not hesitate to contact us prayer@danielsden.org.uk. Your request will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. ‘Prayer changes things and things don’t change without prayer’

Do I have to stay with my child?

Yes! Daniel’s Den is not a nursery or playgroup where you drop your child off and let other people look after them. It is a parent and toddler group where play opportunities are provided for the parent/carer and child to play and learn together. The DD team will aim to provide a safe, clean and structured play environment to enable this to happen but the more you put into it the more you and your child will gain. Never leave your child unattended.

Why do we have to pay £2?

Daniel’s Den is a charity. It is not funded by the government or the council and relies on grants, donations and sessional fees.

Please can we have more sessions?

Daniel’s Den is run by a team of volunteers who freely give their time and energy to run sessions. They all have other commitments. In most venues the availability of the space is very limited i.e. the school hall is used by the children and this means we can’t have more sessions.

Why do you close in the holidays?

Most of the team at Daniel’s Den are parents and during the holiday they have their own children to look after and do things with. They also need time to rest!

Do you have a safeguarding policy?

Yes, our Safeguarding policy is here, and our other policies are here.