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Linda and Shauna launching our Snipathon

On Sunday April 26th 2020 we launched a 26-day fundraising campaign called a Snipathon – Linda had 26 inches cut off her hair. Here is the video! It was an amazing community event and unexpectedly our neighbours gave £84 into a pan (impromptu collection plate). We were even on BBC Radio London

As our usual fundraising events have been cancelled, we are doing various snipping activities over 26 days – you are welcome to join in. You could snip something eg hair, grass, paper and take a photo.

How to donate.

Our journey is being shared on our various social media channels.

We would love you to get involved in our Snipathon whether it’s by snipping or donating. If every family gave £10 to our appeal, we would meet our target. Feel free to share with family and friends.

We are welcoming nominations. Here is a little video one mum made. This lady is called Laura and she is 35 weeks pregnant with twins. It would be wonderful if you could make a short video explaining the difference Daniel’s Den has made to you and/or your family. If you don’t want to video you could write a few words and email it to us info@danielsden.org.uk. These impact stories are so helpful in funding bids etc and will ultimately help us reach more families.