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Distributing Equipment

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We provide an opportunity for people to give and receive good quality second hand clothes and equipment.
If you have any items you no longer need i.e. your child has past a certain stage of development, grown out of clothes etc please do get in touch. We are happy to receive these items and will distribute to those who need them.

‘I am so happy to donate all this baby stuff which was gathering dust in the loft.
I don’t need it anymore and hopefully it will be of use to someone who needs it’

These were the words of a donor as she gave a pram, cot, baby bath, and various other pieces of equipment (including a half knitted baby shawl which was subsequently finished by one of our volunteers). The very next day a mum came to Daniel’s Den sharing about someone who had had a baby and had no equipment – a perfect match! Any items we are unable to distribute are given to a local charity shop.