Daniel's Den Toddler groups

Parenting Courses
At Daniel’s Den we believe in implicit parenting support and explicit parenting support.

‘Daniel’s Den helps me learn how to deal with different circumstances through talking to other parents.’

Implicit parenting support
Implicit parenting support is offered every week during each of the Daniel’s Den sessions. In each session there is:
– A safe fun place to play and learn together – children and adults
– People there to talk to and share ideas, encouragements and guidance
– A place where peer support is strongly encouraged – parent to parent

By attending Daniel’s Den on a regular basis people develop confidence not only in their own parenting skills but potentially their confidence in helping others.

One parent, whose children have now moved onto school, said,
’I couldn’t believe the day when I actually was able to give someone else advice about parenting. It felt so good to be giving something back having received so much’.

Daniel’s Den provides a parenting support network which is like an ongoing parenting course, 39 weeks a year!
Explicit Parenting Support
We recognise there is a lot of good stuff around regarding parenting courses etc. For folks from Daniel’s Den the practicalities of running a course are great because of child care/ family issues it can be difficult to get parents together outside their Daniel’s Den sessions.

We feel the DD sessions are an ideal forum to give input because:-
– we have existing relationships – people trust us
– we are accessible
– it is based on parent to parent  approach

We use our 12 Parenting Postcards too as one way of giving explicit parenting support.

We also run courses when the demand arises – ‘From Pram to Primary School’ and ‘Fives to Fifteens’.
(These are produced and published by Family Caring Trust www.familycaring.co.uk).

They run over 8 weeks and are based on a course book and video with opportunity for discussion, target setting etc.
There is a small fee charged to cover materials and we hold daytime as well as evening sessions.