Daniel's Den Toddler groups

Outdoor Session at St Cuthbert’s, North Wembley

From the week commencing the 7th of June 2021 we will be trialling some outdoor sessions for the rest of the term. Our hopes are to be back indoors at all venues in September.

This is a 30 minute outdoor toddler group session – providing the opportunity for families to come together, free play with toys and singing.

Please note: Only Adults and Children registered with Daniel’s Den are allowed to attend these sessions. This is also a ticketed event, with limited spaces due to Covid-19. Please book your tickets on Eventbrite to avoid disappointment.

Please do not attend if you are not feeling well. Dress appropriately for the weather and bring your own refreshments (food and drinks) as we are not able to provide any at this time.

Session leader

Photo of Linda Concannon (Volunteer Co-ordinator)

Linda Concannon

Volunteer Co-ordinator

Deputy leader

Photo of Lynn Dube (Session leader)

Lynn Dube

Session leader