24 years ago something happened in a small corner in London.

A tin roofed hut with broken, barred windows and a collection of mismatched, fraying furniture was the venue for the very first Daniel’s Den session. I remember carrying my little one in his car seat and placing him under a table to protect him as we set up. Donated toys, mats sparsely laid out and no doubt music playing in the background set the pattern for something that has developed in ways beyond imagination.

I don’t remember the conversations on that day apart from a sense of calling and excitement about having a place to meet and build relationships. Whilst our little ones played we drank tea, ate biscuits and chatted – no doubt sharing the latest escapades of our little ones as well as our hopes, dreams and plans.

We had no idea we had started to run with a vision inspired by the Lord and that years later this would still be running – the baton being passed on from one to another. People come and go all the time – staying for varying lengths of time and each one making a contribution. For each person – this small corner matters!

Small corners is something Nehemiah was interested in. When he saw the ruined city of Jerusalem 100’s of years ago he was stirred and this led to action. A strategy was revealed and he remained resolute to see the walls rebuilt. He envisioned and empowered people to build where they were.

I truly believe there should be a toddler group within walking distance of every family in this nation (small car journey in rural situations). I’ve seen and experienced the countless benefits. People with a heart to serve building a community using often unlikely spaces, enduring criticism and hardships yet reaching out to meet the need for connection. Real connection in words and action.

These small corners are the ‘hidden treasure’ of the nation!

Jesus bids us shine with a pure clear light,
Like a little candle burning in the night.
In this world of darkness so we must shine,
You in your small corner and I in mine.