Yesterday I lost my phone. I didn’t realise this until I wanted to share a video of happy memories. I casually went to get the phone out of my bag but it wasn’t there!  

I then looked in the usual places – coat pocket, pew (I was running a drop in for over 60’s in a local church). Back to bag, coat pocket, carrier bags of food/crafts ….. Oh maybe the car? No.

Back to the bag – rummaging through each section – fingers searching for that familiar case, pockets, chair ….. Nothing.

 Meanwhile the session continued. ‘Have you found it Jo?’

Back to bag – everything out on the pew. What on earth am I doing with so much stuff in this bag? Everything but my phone.

Down on hands and knees, searching high and low.

Back to car – seats pushed back and forwards. More bags searched. Nothing.

Back to the pew, the pockets, the bag. ‘Have you found it?’


Contents strewn everywhere – folks examining the diverse array of seemingly useless stuff . But no phone.

Everyone was concerned.  

‘Maybe you left it  at Daniel’s Den this morning?’ My mind recounted my steps and I knew I’d had it in the car – grabbing a 5 minute catch up break on my messages between activities. Despite this, I drove to check before I went home – no phone. 

I was on auto pilot for most of the afternoon, body going about its business but my mind sub consciously searching for what was lost.  

I walked through the door and was greeted by news that someone knew my phone was lost because they’d found it!  

Oh what joy!  

A number hastily written on a teenager’s hand connected me with a lady who’d been given the phone by a young man who’d found it in the street where it had fallen out of my bag  or pocket!  

That which was lost was found. 

But it wasn’t just my phone that I found.

  • I found the kindness of a stranger who was prompted to reunite me with my phone
  • I found that I’m carrying far too much in my bag
  • I found that things do drop out of broken pockets and how 5 minutes with a sewing machine can make such a difference
  • I found that a lot of time and energy can be used up in searching for what is lost

Oftentimes we don’t realise something is lost until we need it!

Oftentimes losing something can cause us to find new things (and tidy our bag!)