Be bold for change

‘Be bold for change’ is the theme of International Women’s Day 2017. I discovered this yesterday at a event organised by HSBC, when they invited some inspirational women in London to afternoon tea at their head quarters in Pall Mall to celebrate IWD2017. Being in a room full of women who run their own businesses – from fashion brands to celebrity party planners, from tea ceremony specialists to global bank leaders – was quite daunting yet inspiring. A choice of amazing cakes and endless supply of tea helped to make it a fun time and lots of conversations took place. It’s great to connect with people, share something of our stories and develop a deeper sense of the diverse world in which we live.

The event came on a day I’d run 2 parent and toddler groups and again, I’d had the privilege of meeting some inspirational women and engaging in conversations. Sharing stories so deeply personal including coming to terms with your son’s diagnosis with autism; domestic violence; starting radiotherapy after chemo; finding venues your wheelchair bound partner can access with their child … And so much more.

Giving women (and men and children) the opportunity to know and be known in their local community and build relationships that matter within and beyond their cultural and ethnic group is something we do at Daniel’s Den. Be bold for change.

Yesterday, a new mum sat watching as her child played with others – the only Pushto speaking lady in the room with very limited English. Whilst frustrated we couldn’t have a spoken conversation, I know love was being communicated by the feeling of the warm welcome and acceptance in the room. Be bold for change

Providing an opportunity for Hanna (who works full time and has never been to Daniel’s Den) to pass on her daughter’s clothes to a family who really needs them – they may never meet but we are a conduit for practical help. Be bold for change.

Many of the women we work with may never be business leaders or global directors but in the world of their children they are change makers. Day in day out they make a difference in their children’s lives, making decisions to care for and nurture their children.

On International Women’s Day we want to celebrate motherhood! And also celebrate Daniel’s Den where we offer support to women on so many different levels, encouraging and enriching family life in order to build stronger communities.

We want to continue to ‘Be bold for change’