Yesterday I went to St Albans Abbey to pray.

What on earth has that got to do with Daniel’s Den you might ask? Good question. Everything and nothing is my reply.

Having time out – time away – to pray and think is something that is proving to be essential for me, and subsequently Daniel’s Den.

Of course you don’t have to go away to pray. You can pray anywhere anytime. I recall telling a mum to pray as she walked home pushing her buggy. Praying with your eyes open is fab!

But time away is good. Jesus did it.

You make yourself open to listen. To hear what the Lord wants to say.

Yesterday I watched this arrangement being made. From the delivery of the materials (ably assisted by a kind husband) to the constructing of the green framework (encouraged by a couple of friends with a cup of tea and laughter), I marvelled at the skilled hands at work. A lady using her God given gifts in giving glory to God. I missed the addition of the colour but purposefully went back to see the end result!


This small act spoke volumes to me as I sat quietly praying.