Three little words.

‘Just do it’ was the response I received when I shared my initial idea of starting Daniel’s Den with a local pastor. ‘You have the vision, there is a need and you have the skills to make it happen, so just do it’. This was just what I needed to hear and the rest, as they say, is history. I did it.

I sometimes wonder – what would have happened if he hadn’t said that? What would have happened if I’d shared my ideas with someone else? What if they had thought it was a bad idea? What if they’d poured a bucket of cold water over my enthusiasm with a negative ‘who do you think you are’ tone? Knowing me, I think I would have done it anyway as I really felt it was inspired by God.

Those 3 little words spurred me to run with a very simple vision – to set up a weekly drop in parent and toddler group in my local area. I gathered a team of people and shared my ideas and together, we collected toys, set up the hall and opened the doors. I never ever imagined where it would lead.

This blog is this story.